Travelers are complaining that not enough airline seats are available during Eid Holidays and, if there are, they are more expensive.

Elyas Mohammed, 26, an investor, said he has missed his return flight last week and can’t find available seats to travel home before Eid. “I came to Dubai two weeks ago from Sudan and I have missed my flight back,” said Mohammed. “The only available flight is on December 3 so I don’t think I will be able to spend Eid Holidays with my family.”

Tarek Abdallah, 25, a payroll administrator, said he has been looking for an available seat to travel to Saudi and can’t find any. “I wasn’t planning on going to Saudi to meet my family this Eid but my mother insisted on seeing me so now I have to find a ticket,” said Abdallah. “The problem is I can’t find any – there are no seats in Air Arabia or Fly Dubai going to Saudi Arabia.”

Another traveler Midhat Gassim, 28, an account manager said he had booked his ticket a month in advance to avoid such problems. “I booked my ticket to Alexandria last month from Al Arabia and I’m expecting to be there by November 27,” said Gassim. “It’s preferable to always book in advance as seats will be available and cheaper.”

But Ghulam Mohiuddin said it’s not the airfare prices which are going up it’s the lack of availability of seats that’s causing the problem for most travelers during Eid.

“There are different rates for travelling such as low fares, medium fares 
and high fares,” said Mohiuddin. “A majority of low fare airline tickets are all gone but there are still some available seats in Emirates Airline and Gulf Air which are considered to be high rate flights.”

Mohiuddin said Gulf Air is offering good rates at the moment and travelers should take advantage of the offer. “A round-trip ticket to Bahrain from Dubai normally costs Dh 2,085 – right now the same ticket can be had for Dh1,085.”

South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Indonesia are all full up for Eid holidays but are expected to have seats available by mid- December, said Mohiuddin.

Another travel agent, Shoji T.K, customer service, Al Abbas Travels, said, there were no more seats available for those wanting to travel to GCC countries during the Eid holidays. “We have no more seats available and we will continue to not have any until after December 2,” said Shoji.

He said the majority of customers were looking to travel regionally for the Eid holidays.

”It is not the airfare prices which have gone up it’s the availability of seats that’s creating an issue, said T.K.
Source: Khaleej Times