Pegasus Airlines, in partnership with Sim-Industries, will be opening a Pegasus Flight Training Centre in Istanbul in order to train future pilots for the rapidly growing Turkish Civil Aviation sector.

In order to satisfy the aviation sector’s need for trained and skilled personnel, Pegasus Airlines will begin working with training experts in the field and use a Boeing 737NG simulator purchased from Sim-Industries. Those who complete their training at the Pegasus Flight Training Centre will have the opportunity to work with experienced Pegasus flight crews.

The fully comprehensive Boeing 737-800W flight simulator manufactured by Sim-Industries will come into use in 2010. Candidates at the Pegasus Flight Training Centre will undergo comprehensive training that reflects real-life situations and equipment using flight learning equipment manufactured in Holland. Such simulators are now market leaders for meeting the needs of the most demanding customers with their simulation of real conditions and specialist functions. Boeing’s 737-800W fully comprehensive flight simulators are manufactured by Sim-Industries, the financial operation of which was conducted by Sim-Lease, and are being prepared for delivery for mid-2010.

Pegasus Airlines Flight Training Director Captain Cahit Taşbaş said that: ‘To ensure we have learning equipment with the closest thing to real flight conditions, the Pegasus Flight Training Centre has made an agreement with Sim-Industries. We are very pleased with this development.’ Taşbaş, who also explained that the new flight training centre will be available for third parties, said that: ‘We are in the position of having gained lots of experience with various flight learning equipment over the years. For the leading and growing airline that Pegasus Airlines is, good quality and reliable equipment that can create as near-to-real flight conditions as possible, are basic fundamentals in our drive to make a difference. Our new flight training centre will also be open to training for third parties.’

Regarding the partnership, Sim-Industries’ CEO Frank Uit den Bogaard commented: ‘We are absolutely delighted to have entered into this partnership with Pegasus Airlines and to have secured the necessary financing for this new training centre. As well as adding value to our key delivery solutions, this co-operation also boosts our competitive advantage through the delivery of exceptionally high product standards to the marketplace’.