Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister organized a press conference at Swissotel Bosphorus in Istanbul to announce the results of 2010 advertising campaign tender.

Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Günay, Promotion Director Cumhur Güven Tasbasi, Istanbul Culture and Tourism Director Prof. Dr. Ahmet Emre Bilgili, presidents of industry associations such as TUROFED, TURSAB, TUREB, AKTOB, TUROB, and media attended the conference.

Mr. Günay said that Turkey is allocating around US$100 million dollars of budget for promotion of the country in 2010; same amount as last year. US$45 million of this total budget will be used by advertisement agencies.
Turkey will be promoted with advertisements of 5 companies in the world; dDF from Turkey, M&S Saatchi from UK, Iconisus from USA, Mediumrare/Inbar from Dubai and Tel Aviv, and B Tops from China.

Turkish top model; Tulin Sahin will continue to be the face of Turkey at advertisement campaigns throughout Europe.