Dedeman Princess Sofia, the hotel of Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International’s which is known as the symbol of Bulgaria, received two awards, “2009 Best Conference Tourism Hotel” and “Sofia Town 2009 tourism Award” that is granted by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Owners Union.

Dedeman Princess Sofia was the only hotel who received this award among the international hotel chains in Bulgaria and was also the only hotel that got two awards.

Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Owners Union annually rates the hotels in many categories to determine the winners of the “2009 Tourism Awards”. The Best Conference Tourism award was given to Dedeman Princess Sofia. The results of the survey conducted by the board members showed that Dedeman Princess Sofia sticks out from the others with its high quality services. .

The ceremony has been held in Dedeman Princess Sofia ‘Diamond Room’, on November 27th, 2009. Dedeman took the awards from the Sofia Town Manor, Mrs. Jordanka Fandıkova, there were also many other important names in the ceremony; the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism, Mr. Traciho Traikov, the Deputy Minister of Tourism Mr. Ivo Marinov, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr. Preslav Borisov, the Minister of Culture Dimitar Dereliev, the Head of the Committee of Consumer Protection Mr.Damjan Lazaro, the Head of Bulgarian Agency of Tourism Mr.Tzvetan Tonchev, the Head of Bulgarian Agency of Tour Operators Mss.Irena Georgieva.

Hotel Dedeman Princess Sofia received the “Sofia Town 2009 Tourism Award” by succeeding the most room nights that enables the hotel to be the leader in the touristic taxes. The Deputy said that this award should encourage the others and expressed his gratitude to the hotel management for their support for the improvement of Sofia.

Dedeman, which is the symbol of the Sofia, the Capital city of Bulgaria, is located in the city center besides the important historical monuments with its gorgeous building, comprising 601 rooms . The hotel ensures relaxing holiday with its perfect location and restaurant and bars which serve delicious menus. Dedeman Princess Sofia offers exclusive meeting rooms, guest rooms, lifestyle and beauty center, indoor swimming pool and fitness center which are equipped according to the guests’ needs.