Dubai Chamber has capabilities, technological infrastructure, trained human resources and a wide international participation, they said.

The Authority’s Acting Director-General Khalid Ali Al Bustani said the deal represents an important step on the way of joining Istanbul Convention and which will facilitate trade and motivate the industry and tourism of exhibitions and conferences in the country.

Al Bustani said a team will be formed from the Federal Customs Authority and UAE chambers to set a mechanism that crystallises the provisions of Istanbul Convention in the light of local procedures and legislations.

He said the Authority is to start the constitutional procedures required for joining by the UAE of the convention. GCC member states agreed to join at a date not later than the end of 2010.

Al Bustani said the authority in the next meeting of the GCC General Secretariat will adopt an initiative by Dubai Chamber to make the UAE a regional centre for the implementation of the Istanbul Convention.

He said joining the convention comes within the authority’s strategy to support the customs union of the GCC to facilitate trade.
Source: Emirates Business 24|7