british-airwaysThe four-day strike by British Airways’ (BA) cabin crew, which kicked off yesterday, has resulted in the cancellation of four Dubai flights, along with all flights on the London-Bahrain sector.

The airline’s Abu Dhabi operations, however, are operating normally.

Following yesterday’s cancellation of BA0105 London-Dubai, scheduled for arrival at 20.40pm, the airline has also stopped the corresponding flights during the strike period, which ends on March 30: BA0107 London-Dubai, arrival at 12.50pm today; BA0107 London-Dubai, arrival at 12.50pm tomorrow; BA0106 Dubai-London, departure at 1.45am, today.

BA has pledged that more than three-quarters of its passengers – or more than 180,000 out of 240,000 – will still be able to travel as planned during the walkout, which follows a similar three-day action last week.