Within the framework of the on-going support Hospital 57357 receives from EGYPTAIR and the Association of Egyptian Pilots, a group of the National Carrier’s hostesses and pilots headed by Mr. Mohamed Rahma, Director of Marketing and Communication Department recently visited the premises.

egyptair-childrenvisit10They were greeted by top Management of the hospital and the CCHE Foundation who were keen to explain how the 57357 is concerned with the development of scientific research which plays an important role in achieving our goal of increasing cure rates of children with cancer in this part of the world to reach those achieved in Europe and North America and beyond. Our openness to the world and constant interaction with eminent researchers an d physicians across the globe are instrumental in our pursuit of knowledge and quality care for our patients. Thanks to EGYPTAIR and their major sponsorship of the CCHE’s first international Pediatric oncology conference, Hospital 57357 was able to gather in Cairo last July a stellar list of specialists in childhood cancer and hospital management who shared their valuable experiences with Egyptian and Arab healthcare workers and physicians.

The EGYPTAIR delegation met with children in the day-care unit, the different out-patient clinics and in the In-patient wards. They brought along expressions of love, compassion and many presents. Asking our visitors about their impressions after touring the hospital, Captain Walid Soleiman reveals how proud he is of all what has been accomplished at 57357 through the efforts and contributions of Egyptians ; he is equally proud of the fact that EGYPTAIR has declared itself the official carrier of Sciences and knowledge for the hospital , thus contributing to the successful implementation of the hospital’s scheme for the pursuit of scientific research and knowledge exchange with the prestigious cancer centers for children around the world. Rania , one of the hostesses expressed her admiration for the superior nursing level and the use of the latest hospital Informatics system to ensure the accurate assessment and follow-up of treatment and healthcare of our patients. She noticed how most of the children receiving treatment were in high spirits.

At the end of their tour, Mr. Mohamed Rahma was keen to pledge Egyptair’s on-going support to the hospital out of a deep conviction of the necessity to ensure a better life and a hope in the future for all children with cancer. He believes that this cannot be achieved without knowledge and the pursuit of scientific research. Moreover, Mr. Rahma is convinced that it is equally important to express one’s support through visiting the children and attempting to draw a smile on their faces.