After a 12-year hiatus, LOT has resumed its route between Warsaw and Cairo. The inaugural flight took off on Wednesday 27 October at 22:30. A surprise awaited the passengers on the first flight – papyrus and a cake in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid.

The Warsaw – Cairo connection was initiated in response to the significant interest among LOT’s passengers on flights to the Middle East. Egypt has enjoyed unflagging interest among Polish tourists for years, and has recently achieved greater popularity among people who make their own vacation arrangements. The new connection was also put in place with passengers travelling from the Middle East in mind because thanks to LOT’s extensive offering of flights, Warsaw is now a convenient connection point to other European nations, the United States and Canada.

LOT aircraft will serve the Warsaw-Cairo route three times a week and the trip will last 3 hours and 50 minutes. The flights will be carried out on Boeing 737-400 aircraft. Ticket prices start at 1167 PLN round trip.

LOT Polish Airlines had taken an interest in the Middle East since the latter half of the 1930s. After initiating connections to Athens, Thessalonica, Beirut and Palestine, the idea of creating a connection to Alexandria in Egypt was considered. Those plans, unfortunately, crumbled in the face of the Second World War.

In the early 1960s, LOT Polish Airlines was offering charter flights to Egypt, initiated mainly with many Polish engineers working there and their families in mind. Over the following years, charter traffic was to become a regular flight schedule. On 17 June 1963, LOT Polish Airlines carried out its first regular flight from Warsaw to Cairo. Those flights took place with a stopover in Vienna, Athens or Istanbul.

Interestingly, cast and crew of the movie “In Desert and Wilderness”, based on the novel by Nobel-prize winning author Henryk Sienkiewicz, travelled on the Warsaw-Cairo route, including Monika Rosca and Tomasz Mędrzak, the actors who played the popular characters Nel and Staś from the film, as well as their dog Saba.

In 1998 LOT Polish Airlines discontinued regular flight service to Cairo, while maintaining charter service to Egypt. LOT’s regular-service aircraft returned to the route yesterday after a 12-year hiatus.