Egyptian Tourism Minister, Zoheir Garranah, and Major General Adel Labib, the Governor of Alexandria, declared the initiation of the ceremonial festivals of selecting Alexandria as the Capital of Arab Tourism for the year 2010 during the press conference that was held on March 17th in Alexandria.

egypt-alexandriaConcluding its agenda on Thursday, 28th of May, 2009, the Arab Ministerial Council of Tourism declared that Alexandria was selected to be the Capital of Arab Tourism for the year 2010, among twelve other Arab cities applied for the competition. The idea of selecting an Arab city as the Capital of Arab Tourism was due to an initiative proposed by the Arab League to annually select one of Arab city to be the Capital of Arab Tourism.

This aims at encouraging the Inter-Arab Tourism initiative along with highlighting customs and traditions each city is characterized with, in addition to bringing into view the tourism value of each city selected. Moreover, such initiative aims to accentuate the role the city undertakes to enhance the Arab tourism industry throughout interaction with other cultures and civilizations.

The reason behind selecting Alexandria as the Capital of Arab Tourism by the members in the Arab Ministerial Tourism Conference, for the year 2010, is related to the deep-rooted history of Alexandria.

Alexandria is considered a city with a rich history of several civilizations, such as Greek, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic, making it a city abounded with, and characterized by many of the unique monumental, and cultural sites, such as Pompey’s Pillar (Amoud Al-Swary), the Catacombs of Kom Al Shoqqafa, the Fort of Qaitbay, the Ancient Roman Amphitheatre, the Greco-Romanian Museum, and the Royal Jewelry Museum. Alexandria is also famous for many of the religious sites, such as El-Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque, and Saint Mark’s Church.

Alexandria is also distinguished with a mild climate both in the summer and winter seasons, in addition to its shores that extend along the Mediterranean seacoast.

Additionally, Alexandria is home to one of the most important cultural edifices in the Arab World. It is the Library of Alexandria that includes a large number of unique manuscripts and reference books in all domains and sciences.

Furthermore, it is rich in various features of tourism such as cultural and entertainment events, conferences, festivals, exhibitions, and maritime tourism, in addition to other touristic outlines that help in attracting different classes of tourists.

In this regard and under the auspices of the Minister of Tourism, H.E. Mr. Zoheir Garranah and the Governor of Alexandria, Major General Adel Labib, and in collaboration with the Egyptian Businessmen Sector, the Egyptian Hotel Association and Alexandria-lovers elite, the ceremonial activities will commence to continue for the period from April 2010 to December 25th 2010.

This ceremony will be associated with organizing many festivals, cultural, artistic, touristic, and sportive events round the year, in collaboration with different Arab and foreign Embassies, as well as the Library of Alexandria and the different Egyptian and foreign cultural and artistic institutions.

The Egyptian Tourism Authority is preparing a special guide for Alexandria, which will be published in March 2010, in both Arabic and English Languages. The guide will be distributed to different Arab and foreign Embassies, at the Egyptian airports, as well as to the travel agencies, tour operators in the Arab countries, aviation companies and hotels. Furthermore, the guide will be distributed to the Egyptian Embassies abroad, especially in the Arab Countries. Additionally, it will also be distributed in events organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority in the Arab Countries.

In addition, a monthly leaflet will be published to include all the different artistic, cultural and touristic activities and festivals that will be implemented during the month to be distributed to the same above mentioned network of distribution of the guide.

Moreover, the Tourism Authority is preparing to launch a web site associated with the city of Alexandria through which all information on activities will be sighted.

The Egyptian Tourism Authority will also lead an advertising and public relations campaign aimed at the Arab market in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Emirates, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Libya, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, through various media.