The Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) has signed a joint venture agreement with the Tourist Police Department to provide customized training courses that will meet the capacity building needs of the tourist police officers in the tourism field.

JITOA is currently holding the first training course under this program entitled “English for Tourist Police”. The program is specialized in English language and communication skills to help improve the police abilities in handling tourists and teach them how to deliver the necessary information and instruction to tourists.

The program is set to train around 250 trainees that are being selected under the supervision of the tourist police department, implementing 16 courses in an average of 16 participants in each course as a first stage.

To achieve sustainability of this program, JITOA will conduct another course as a second stage of this agreement to conduct “Train the Trainer” courses where a number of qualified candidates will be selected to provide them with the skills and training materials, and the necessary information to become able to hold such training courses independently to other members at the department.

This agreement represents an important development in private-public sector initiatives, enforcing JITOA’s efforts in raising the standard of practice in the Tourism Industry. The training program is implemented as part of the grant that JITOA won recently under the Jordan Services Modernisation Programme (JSMP) grants that is managed by the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), and funded by the European Commission.

JITOA Chairman, Mr. Mohamad Samih says “JITOA will prepare a comprehensive report on the program and study the student’s progress during and after these courses and analyze the quality of these programs to achieve the best results and benefits to the sector,” he stated that JITOA will hold meetings between the instructor and models of trainees to determine the main challenges and issues facing them during their work, and to interact and display the necessary recommendations.

This Joint venture comes as a result of the usual and sustainable efforts that JITOA implements in the aim of maintaining the partnership relations with the public sector and take its role in the human resources capacity building of the tourism sector.

It is worth mentioning that JITOA has long experience in organizing professional training and educational programs for the tourism sector, and has implemented various trainings in different parts of the kingdom including Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Jerash, Ajloun, and Amman.