PETRA2_bigThe Kingdom’s tourism revenues rose by 32.2 per cent in January, according to the official statistics, indicating a strong start to the year for the tourism sector.

According to statistics issued by the Central Bank of Jordan, revenues generated by the sector last month stood at JD158 million, compared to JD119 million in January 2009.

Jordan also witnessed a 20 per cent growth in the number of visitors in January, as 478,169 tourists visited the Kingdom, compared to 399,268 in the same period in 2009.
The number of overnight tourists totalled 281,039 last month, up from 215,572 in January 2009, while the number of same-day tourists increased by 7 per cent to 197,131, compared to 183,696 in the same month last year.
Of the total overnight visitors, 82,368 were Jordanians living abroad, 79,430 were non-Arab foreigners, 72,461 came from non-Gulf Arab countries and 46,780 from the Arab Gulf, the figures showed.

The ancient city of Gadara in Umm Qais witnessed the largest increase, registering 9,544 visitors in January 2010, up 138 per cent from 2009 when 4,006 tourists visited the northern site.

The mosaic city of Madaba came in second, registering 16,406 visitors, up 60.7 per cent from January 2009, which saw 10,211 tourists.

Wadi Rum witnessed the largest drop in the number of visitors with 5,607 tourists in January 2010, a 50 per cent drop compared to 11,263 visitors in the same period last year.
Source: Jordan Times