sharjahUnder the organization of the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), a delegation of the biggest tourism authorities representing Sharjah will go on a road show across several GCC countries to promote tourism in Sharjah, and attract GCC tourists. Places visited by the road show, which runs from 14 to 20 April, will include Doha, Qatar, Kuwait and the KSA (including Al Damam, Riyadh and Jeddah).

The SCTDA road show comes as the Authority seeks to stimulate tourism in the region and promote tourism in Sharjah. In addition to the SCTDA, the delegation will include several institutions concerned with promoting tourism in Sharjah, such as the Sharjah Millennium Hotel, the Golden Tulip Hotel, Embassy Hotel Suites, Marbella Resort, the Sharjah Premiere Hotel, Lulu’a Beach and Resort, Ruby Living Courts Hotel Apartments and Ilaf Tours.

The delegation chose Qatar as their first destination, where SCTDA organized specific and dedicated workshops in association with the biggest tourism and travel companies in Qatar. These workshops were well attended by the Qatari media representatives. As many as 17,539 Qatari tourists visited Sharjah last year, which is a resounding proof of how the popularity of Sharjah has risen as a beautiful tourist destination.

The SCTDA road show will now continue through workshops in Kuwait and KSA (specifically in Riyadh and Jeddah). The road show is a precursor to the Sharjah Summer Promotions 2010 which is slated to take place from 16th June – 25th July. The promotion will include exciting shows, activities and discounts; all aimed at promoting summer shopping extravaganzas in Sharjah.

The SCTDA has always taken commendable efforts to support the economic growth in Sharjah, which is on par with the increased development in the tourism sector. The tourism sector has witnessed the entrance of new hotel units to the emirate, increasing the overall number of hotel units to 8,727. This increase is indicative of the rapid growth of the hospitality sector.

Tourist flow into the emirate rose to 1.4 million tourists in 2009 compared to 600,000 tourists in 2001, while overall room occupancy in Sharjah came to 69%. Total hotel facilities amounted to 110 units (including 41 hotels and 69 hotel apartments).

GCC tourists constituted 24% – an amount of 330,000 tourists – of the total tourists visiting Sharjah last year, which is encouraging the emirate to continue offering more services and facilities for GCC tourists, thus raising the tourism sector in the emirate to new heights.

Supporting Sharjah’s status as a leading tourism destination on the global tourism scene is one of the top priorities for the SCTDA, especially as the emirate has become one of the favorite tourism destinations for many tourists across the globe. The promotional tours organized by SCTDA, and especially the GCC road show, which was started 8 years ago, have become an important stage on which the Authority continues to showcase Sharjah’s various tourist attractions.