Authorities are taking steps to improve the Kingdom’s tourism and antiquities resources which will contribute to national economic growth and provide better international understanding of the country’s culture and heritage.

Early this month, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), addressed the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, an independent center of Oxford University in UK that provides a meeting point between the Islamic and Western worlds of learning.

In his lecture on Saudi Arabia’s heritage and culture, Prince Sultan revealed that the Kingdom will hold a series of international exhibitions to showcase the country’s rich culture and antiquities. He said the first event is the Saudi Archeology Exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris in mid-July 2010, which will eventually tour other museums around the world.

Within the Kingdom, Prince Sultan said, several programs have been implemented to provide a better understanding of the importance of Saudi tourism.

The initiatives include the following:
Investing in the cultural education of citizens, particularly Saudi youth, so that they can better appreciate the values of their heritage and their national identity through the establishment of new museums and the restoration of historic sites that will be converted into cultural and educational centers.

Introducing the public, particularly Saudi teachers and students, to antiquity sites and museums through tours, awareness programs, and classroom instruction so that they can recognize the value of their heritage and cultural identity.

Rehabilitating historic town centers, traditional villages and markets all over the country.

Establishing archives on the history of the Kingdom, which will house written material, photographs and artifacts collected by the King Abdul Aziz Foundation and Library, the King Fahd Library and Al-Turath Foundation.
Source: The Saudi Gazette