The Sultanate of Oman’s Ministry of Tourism cited the attractiveness of Oman as a destination for both regional and international tourism. Numbers have remained positive over recent years as a result of substantial tourism infrastructure developments and investment in the tourism sector.

The Sultanate of Oman is continuing their strategy of promoting Oman’s tourism potential internationally, penetrating new international markets as well as maintaining Oman’s reputation as an attractive destination for regional tourism.

The Sultanate of Oman’s Ministry of Tourism has sent an Omani delegation to participate in the Saudi Tourism Show in Riyadh from June 1 to June 4, where they are promoting tourism to Oman from their GCC neighbours. The show gathers tourism executives, experts and government representatives from different countries, to discuss strategies and possible opportunities for cooperation in the area of eco-tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism seeks to leverage the networking opportunities at the Riyadh Travel 2010 Show, and attract greater numbers of Saudi Arabian tourists to Oman. The exhibition coincides with the start of preparation for Oman’s summer tourism season, and the Sultanate expects great numbers of visitors from Saudi Arabia.

Salem Al Mamari, Oman’s Ministry of Tourism Director General of Tourism Promotions said: “The Oman Ministry of Tourism plans to increase the numbers of tourists from the GCC by developing infrastructure and facilities. People come to Oman largely because they are interested in the history and the natural beauty. The southwest corner of Oman, including the city of Salalah, has the Indian Ocean monsoon between June and September. While most of the gulf region suffers from high summer temperatures, the Dhofar Province has a cool and misty summer.”

Oman has long been a popular destination among regional and international tourists for its natural beauty such as the beaches, caves in the Oman Mountains, Jabal Qara, and reefs around the Daymaniyat Islands. Festive annual celebrations are a major attraction in both the capital Muscat, and Salalah; two of the most prominent and popular tourist cities in the country.