Tunisia is ranked second at the world level following France on recuperative tourism, mineral water therapy and thalassotherapy, a specialized study published here Friday stated.

Tunisia boasts of a big stockpile of mineral water distributed over 95 sources all over the country, the study added as it was made public during the regional forum titled “Recuperative and Therapeutic Tourism” currently held in the Tunisian eastern coastal city of Sousse.

Further, 30 of these sources are distinguished by their cold water that reaches up to 25 C, while 65 sources are marked by their hot water that goes up to 70 C, the study issued by the Tunisian Mineral Water Department said.

It also said that 50 mineral hot water sources are being currently used in four recuperative stations and 46 recuperative mineral baths in addition to 45 thalassotherapy centers.

There are more than 170,000 people flocking annually to these recuperative stations and thalassotherapy centers including 135,000 foreigners, namely 80 percent of the total visitors, while the total number of those who go to recuperative mineral baths in Tunisia are estimated at 3 millions including Tunisians and foreigners.

The study went on to say that the mineral water sector in Tunisia saw a remarkable development in the recent years to occupy an advanced position in the field of diversifying Tunisian tourist product and scenery.

It also pointed to the hydrological studies conducted by other concerned departments for measuring the stockpiles of these recuperative water, determining the source areas and raising the usable water level through fostering the private sector investment in this field.

The study concluded by saying that these efforts resulted in setting up 18 recuperative centers and stations, besides the initiatives made by many of the hoteliers on establishing recuperative thalassotherapy units inside their hotels.
Source: KUNA