Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, inaugurated recently “Your Park” project in Al- Manara Neighborhood in Al-Naser Region, with a total cost of 110.000 JDs. This project came as a result of Student Yasmeen Abu Taleb initiative.

Maani praised, during the park inauguration celebration, the citizens and the private sector constructive initiatives that aim at serving the local community with all its strata, pointing to the necessity of the collaboration of all parties to maintain the development projects and their sustainability, which reflect positively on the city and its citizens.

He also affirmed the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) keenness to increase the green areas in the capital through utilizing the urban spaces between residential neighborhoods and make them as entertaining areas for the local community citizens.

The park project idea came as a result of an initiative by Yasmeen Abu Taleb, one of the Amman Baccalaureate School students, who expressed, during the inauguration, her happiness that her idea came on the ground.

Abu Taleb said, “I grant this good land for its good residents, kids, women, and men, I grant it and I’m fully proud of helping my country for advancement and progress, and my reward is a smile on the children’s lips, and a sense of satisfaction from all of us, Jordanian citizens”.

She explained also that the project embodies a significant image of interdependence in the Jordanian society inspired by the wise leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II towards a green Jordan.

The student thanked GAM and all the supporters from the private sector that helped make this project a success.

The park which amounts to 4 Dunnums, consists of pentagon playground for football covered with industrial grass, and a play area, in addition to pedestrian corridors, and farming pools.

In conclusion of the celebration that was attended by (GAM) top officials, Omar Maani granted a (GAM) trophy to the student Yasmeen appreciating her and all the supporters’ efforts in making this initiative succeed.