CE-Mar Co., which currently continues a 120-rooms and 250 beds – 5-star hotel construction at Turkey’s ski resort town of Sarikamis in Kars, will additionally operate Sarikamis Toprak Hotel.

The 350-bed capacity 5-star Toprak Hotel is also a convention hotel in Kars’s ski destination; Sarıkamış. The hotel that can accommodate 1000 people for convention facilities is working all year round.

Tuncay Marlali is appointed to hotel as General Manager. Marlali said that Toprak Hotel is very important for the tourism development of the region. “Here, it is not only a hotel but also it is a place that contributes region’s social and commercial environment”.

Marlali, who is also working as General Manager during Halis Toprak period, knows region and its needs very well. Marlali said that the hotel is currently open for guests but they are making some renovations. Marlali added that hotel will be completely ready for winter season and expecting to host tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Iran. The hotel is also popular by Turkish ski lovers.