Gazebo_Goes_OrganicGazebo, the classy lobby lounge at the Al Bustan Rotana Dubai takes an interesting step towards offering the best products to its guests as it showcases a wide selection of organic products starting this month.

The hotel’s guests can now go for the healthier option and choose among an extensive array of organic items for sale which include loose and herbal tea, chocolates, cookies, jams, honey, Balsamic vinegar and pure olive oil. Some products showcased like the Hazelnut and Lemon Zest cookies are not only organic but also gluten-free, providing high-quality food options to guests with allergy to gluten. All products are directly imported from accredited and award-winning organic food producers from different countries which include the United Kingdom, Austria, Equador, Germany and Hungary.

Organic products continue to gain more and more international popularity due to its health and fitness benefits brought about by the strict and special way of producing organic food items. With zero additives and produced in the most natural ways, more people are choosing to consume organic products for obvious reasons.

Bringing the health benefits of going organic to the Al Bustan Rotana Dubai, Gazebo lets you spoil yourself with various delectable food items without feeling guilty. Indulge in organically-produced food products such as Sun-dried Walnuts preserved naturally with Acacia honey, Sour Cherry Jam made from 100% fruit mousse without any artificial additions, Equador Fine Dark chocolate made from the finest Arriba cocoa and a whole lot more. Kids will even have the healthier choice with Gazebo’s organic chocolate bars made from the finest chocolate mixed with an extra portion of cream.

Make your way to Gazebo and be part of this fresh and natural approach to being food connoisseurs as you treat yourself to an organic lifestyle.