Intra Tourism celebrated their 30th anniversary in style at a party attended by 750 guests including staff and friends from the tourism industry. The open air party was held in the forest in Istanbul’s Bahcekoy. Current and former staffs, who have contributed so much to the past 30 years’ success, celebrated with colleagues and suppliers and their families. They were joined by the Regional Tourism Head, Professor Ahmet Emre Bilgili.

The party took place on a beautiful sunny Istanbul spring day in a stunning natural setting. As one would expect, the organisation was faultless and everything came together to create a really special atmosphere for Intra’s friends and colleagues to have fun and relax.

Intra Tourism’s founder and CEO, Ertugrul Karaoglu, gave a short speech during which he gave a special mention to the ASTA organisation of which he is the President in Turkey. He said how proud he was of having organised their recent ASTA IDE 2010 Congress, which took place in Istanbul in April and was attended by 2000 American colleagues, working in the tourism sector.

Mr. Karaoglu talked about the investment which had been made in training and infrastructure, particularly related to the Internet, which had played an important role in establishing Intra as an international operator. He talked about the changes which had taken place over the years and about the way in which different times require different standards. He explained that the development of new practices was very much on his agenda, introducing the concept of ‘Green Intra’. He said that this entailed putting an emphasis on protecting the environment and keeping ‘green’ considerations in mind, whether in choosing suppliers, in the office or in developing new programmes.

Mr Karaoglu explained that he had decided to use the occasion of Intra’s 30th anniversary to launch a new project. This would be establishing a foundation to provide education and opportunities for international travel to 30 young people, who wished to work in tourism but were in financial need. Intra Tourism would give educational bursaries to 30 students and also arrange for 30 students to travel to Spain and Italy.

After his speech, Ertugrul Karaoglu gave awards to colleagues who had worked with Intra for 5, 10, 20 years – or even more. There was also a prize draw arranged as a surprise which had been kept secret from all of the guests.