Internet giant Google will roll out additional Middle East versions of its VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service launched in the US almost 10 days ago, though there is no timeline fixed for the launch of these services in the region, the company has said.

“Google VoIP is currently being rolled out in the US only as our first step. The feature is not available in Mena. Google will be rolling out additional localised versions but we have nothing to announce at the moment,” a statement from Google sent to Emirates 24|7 has said.

On August 25, Google launched its VoIP service in the US, allowing Gmail users based in the US only to make VoIP calls to any parts of the world.

US-based Gmail users can make a phone call directly from their Gmail to the UAE at just 19 cents per minute.

For Saudi Arabia this rate is 11 cents, for Oman 15 cents, Qatar 26 cents, Bahrain 17 cents, and Kuwait being the cheapest at just 9 cents a minute.

The UAE does not yet allow VoIP calls.
Source: Emirates 24|7