H.E. Mohamed Al Noman, the Director General of the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), stressed on the importance of strengthening relations and sharing experience with the international tourism community in the aim of further developing Sharjah’s tourism sector, since the Emirate has already drawn significant tourist and commercial attention which will make the emirate stand out as a world class tourism destination.

That was in a meeting with H.E. Azmi Chang, the Director General of the Commercial Office of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Dubai, and Tom Tung – Chung Tseng, the Director of Taiwan Trade Centre, Dubai which took place at the SCTDA’s headquarters. The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate an exchange of experience and ideas so as to boost cooperation and develop tourism and commercial exchange between the two countries.

In his statement, Al Noman illuminated the various tourism attractions pointing to Sharjah’s unique heritage and cultural tourism attractions which contribute in increasing tourist inflow into the emirate, where the number of Chinese tourists reached 22 thousand tourists within the end of November 2010. From this point

The SCTDA is committed to develop Sharjah’s tourism sector, utilizing all available resources and tools on expanding the range of promotional campaigns for the emirate on both the regional and international levels, flowing into promoting the Emirate of Sharjah as a unique tourist and cultural destination and maintaining its position on the world tourist map.

Al Noman reiterated the strong relations between the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan in the various levels especially the tourist and commercial sectors. Consequently, the SCTDA has participated in the recent years in a number of Chinese tourist events and exhibitions among which Beijing International Tourism Expo which is Asia’s leading tourism event.

The meeting’s discussions included a number of important suggestions for joint ventures, the most important of which was a proposal for launching Commercial Offices of the Republic of China in Sharjah and the exchange of delegations representing travel and tourism companies and media agencies in which the interchange of clear vision of the Emirati as well as Chinese commercial and tourism factors. However, the launching of such office is to be discussed in the near future. Al Noman said that the goal from such initiatives is to familiarize Chinese tourists with Sharjah’s heritage, traditions and cultural diversity presented in more than 16 museums that preserve its history as far back as 5000 years.

Nevertheless, Taiwan is a common name referring to the Republic of China where the tourism industry has reached a transitional level due to its captivating nature which makes it one of the most attractive destinations for tourists all over the world. Tourists; however, organize 60% of the tourists whereas the rest of foreign visitors are businessmen, labors and students.

In addition, Taiwan is expecting 6.5 million foreign tourists in 2011 after the tourism sector boom in 2010. 5 million foreign tourists visited the country till the end of November 2009 and hence the number is heading to 5.5 million tourists per year due to the world economical recovery along with the promotional campaigns and initiatives promoting the Chinese Tourism launched in 2008.