In a move to boost Tunisia’s post-revolution economy and encourage foreigners and expats to visit the country, the tourism ministry just unveiled a unique online campaign.

The “I Love Tunisia” promotion, complete with its memorable red heart logo, kicked off on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

France’s “Eco Tour” was the first travel agency to get on board. The company aims to double its visitors to Tunisia to 50,000. The French tour operator will also launch its own marketing plan for Tunisia tourism.

The best promotional tool, however, may be the online community. The ministry is betting on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to increase publicity.

The campaign will be accompanied with several workshops inside Tunisia in order to raise awareness of the new reality in the country.

The tourism crisis may finally be at an end. After France, Germany, Britain and Switzerland lifted travel warnings to Tunisia, the first big tour groups in more than a month and a half began arriving.

Earlier this week, 70 Germans came to Tunisia to shoot a movie. Three other tourist delegations arrived from Canada, the US and France.

The tourism sector is considered the main facet of the Tunisian economy, which constitutes 10% of the overall employment rate (350,000 employees). Moreover, the sector is the biggest source of foreign currency into the country. Revenues from tourism cover 60% of the Tunisian trade deficit and 6.5% of GDP.