Kazan, Tatarstan
Kazan, Tatarstan

Russia’s Tatarstan Republic Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Zilya Valeeva made a three-day visit to Kuwait last week.

“My visit to Kuwait was very successful… we have had several fruitful meetings with our counterparts, and various Kuwaiti officials here. They have expressed willingness to strengthen our cooperation especially in the fields of tourism, agriculture and business,” said Zilya Valeeva. Tatarstan is more than just a picturesque destination, according to Valeeva, and Kuwaitis should pay a visit to their region while in Russia.

Apart from tourism, many industries are booming in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. Tatarstan is considered to be Russia’s third capital after Moscow and St Petersburg. It has a population of about four million people, half of who are Muslims and the others are Christians. “Our place is a perfect example of peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians. We do not have issues or anything. There are mosques and churches built next to each other. We respect others’ beliefs and rituals,” she said. Valeeva also mentioned that several ancient relics have been preserved and has found a place in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Valeeva also mentioned the enthusiasm showed by a Kuwaiti academician in translating the work [novel] of Abdullah Tukan, a well-known Muslim poet whose works were famous in the late 1800, “The Al-Babtain Library would like to translate his work to Arabic. We are more than willing to support and cooperate. We know that if such work is published in Arabic, there will be greater understanding especially between the Arab and Tatar culture,” she mentioned.
Source: Kuwait Times