National Geographic China has reserved its cover and 30 pages for Turkey in its new year special issue.

National Geographic China, which is one of the most prestigious reference magazines of the world, for the first time spared 30 pages for introduction of a country. Founder of China’s first private museum and famous collector, Ma Weidu, promoted Turkey in the magazine.

Turkish Culture & Tourism Ministry’s Beijing promotion office’s Undersecretary Ilknur Yigit said that after they learned that most of the Chinese people knew about China porcelains in Turkey and they admired it very much, Chinese editors of National Geographic were offered to promote Turkey.

Yigit said that a Chinese delegation was hosted in Turkey with special invitation of Turkish Culture Minister Ertugrul Gunay, and they were permitted to make shootings in museums.

Collector Weidu says in his article that he was impressed with the multiculture in Turkey, and Turkey was a perfect country.

Weidu is a famous collector who was previously invited to British Museum by British government to make researches.