The Ministry of Tourism attempts to highlight tourism attractions in the desert and make people familiar with Omani hospitality.

It has been encouraging tourism camps to create jobs for the inhabitants of the desert areas through jobs at these camps or in the areas of textiles, folklore, or rent of equipment and other necessities of the camps, said Abdullah al Hajari, Head of Ministry of Tourism at Al Sharqiyah region.

He indicated that these camps with their architectural components are popular among all classes of tourists not only in Al Sharqiyah Region but also all over the Sultanate.

Desert camp owners are quite upbeat. Abdullah al Harthy, owner of One Thousand Night Camp in Al Sharqiyah, said: “The occupancy percentage in my camp varies between 70 per cent and 80 per cent during week days and reaches 100 per cent on weekends. Tourism, just like any other field, succeeds on the basis of innovation, continuous development and knowledge of the emerging trends. We stick to basics, and the results are here to see for all.”

Badr bin Amer al Hajari, owner of Bidyah Camp, indicated: “The current season is better than last year. Camps need more marketing efforts from their owners and this is an important part of our business.”
Source: Oman Daily Observer