TCI Research reports signs of improvement in the feeling of security amongst visitors in Middle East and North African destinations. Based on its reference TRAVELSAT© survey benchmarking international tourists’ satisfaction, the research agency indicates a provisional Safety Feeling Index at 57, which remains below the global TRAVELSAT norm (143) but is comparable to the level reached before the social events took place in these regions.

TCI Research also reports that 9% of tourists in MENA destinations have been in a situation to complain following to a negative experience with their safety vs 6% in other world regions in average.

Olivier Henry-Biabaud, CEO at TCI Research comments: « This trend needs to be confirmed but suggests that tourists’ feeling of security in MENA destinations has reached back an “acceptable” level for visitors. Other satisfaction Indexes tend to show that travelers also appreciate hospitality efforts provided both by tourism professionals and local people in these regions. The safety feeling is today in the top 3 criteria mostly impacting all destinations’ competitiveness and reputation: positive or negative word of mouth conveyed by recent travelers will play a vital role in recruiting new visitors in the short term, especially in destinations like Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.”