The Mouj Ice Island at Al Majaz Park in Sharjah has been deluged with waves of fun as both the young and old have a whale of a time at the Sharjah Water Festival 2011, being held from December 14 to 23 by the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority.

The Mouj Ice Island is the place for endless fun and action as it hosts a series of artistic shows, games, workshops and a number of colourful, folk dances etc, bringing alive the carnival spirit of the Water Festival and adding to the joy and fun of the visitors, mainly children and their parents.

One of the renowned international entertainment shows hosted by the Mouj Ice Island is the Irish Dance Show presented by Glendalough, which is the oldest established Irish dance troupe.  The Kids Fairyland Show, which is inspired by the Wizard of Oz, tells the story of a little girl lost in the world of dreams and offers many invaluable lessons for kids. The Yo Yo People, Pets Magic and the Colourful Boxes are some of the other shows, besides jugglers and other artists demonstrating their fantastic skills, breathtaking acrobats and funny actions.

The Mouj Ice Island also presents games and competitions such as Percussion Show and workshops such as the one that explain the critical role civil defense plays in our lives. Some essential lessons in rescue and first aid are on the offer.  Then there are sand games, community games, balloon making and face painting lessons that are presented daily and add great fun and entertainment to the visitors of all ages. There is even a toddlers’ play area.

Not surprisingly the Mouj Ice Island is attracting unprecedented crowds with thousands of families heading to Al Majaz Park from all over the country and the region, making the most of the pleasant weather and approaching holiday season. The Sharjah Water Festival, being hosted by the SCTDA for the fifth consecutive year, will run until December 23, at Al Majaz Park facing the Khalid Lagoon, from 4:00 pm till midnight, turning the spotlight once again on the emirate celebrated as the Cultural Capital of the Arab world.  Last year the Sharjah Water Festival received more than 200,000 visitors.