Bavaria Hotels International (BHI) based in Munich, is an established international German hotel company driven by the vision to become one of the leading specialists for the profitable planning, development and management of hotels worldwide.

More than a management company, Bavaria Hotels International partners with owner/developers from a very early stage in the hotel construction to ensure delivery of a premium product to benefit owners, operators and guests. Since announcing in early 2010 that it had over 2,200 hotel rooms under development in the Mena region, Bavaria Hotels International has released the listing of its hotel projects.

The following new hotels are presently under construction in the Mena region and are scheduled to open over the next 24 months;
Bavaria Executive Suites Sharjah 420 Rooms
Bavaria Executive Suites Dubai 1100 Rooms (delayed partial opening)
Bavaria City Suites Doha 145 Rooms
Bavaria Regent Suites Dubai 524 Rooms
Bavaria Executive Suites Riyadh 125 Rooms
Total 2,314 Rooms

The following hotel projects are currently under development in the Mena region and will be
opening before 2015;
Bavaria Cornice Hotel Sharjah 575 Rooms
Bavaria City Suites Dubai 350 Rooms
Bavaria Hotel and Suites Dubai 600 Rooms
Bavaria Bayview Suites Fujairah 150 Rooms
Bavaria Hotel Sohar Oman 245 Rooms
Bavaria City Suites, K.S.A 125 Rooms
Total 2,230 Rooms

Thomas Gertz CEO of Bavaria explains their group strategy:
“Our expansion is based on our established set of competitive edge standards by which we measure all projects. From the very onset of management discussions, a decision is taken whether to proceed with projects based on the ability to apply these standards to the end product. We work with developers who share the BHI philosophies and passions, and in return offer dynamic management agreements with an underlying minimum performance guarantee.”