Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International highly contributes to the economy of Syria with its three hotels situated in the region, and is now supporting the improvement of the Tourism Sector by providing scholarships to Syrian students.

An agreement was signed by the Director of Training Ministery Dr. Bassam Al-Ahmad and the Operations Director of Dedeman Holding, Assad Farag, with the presence of Syria Tourism Minister Dr. Saadalla Agha Al Kalaa and Dedeman Holding’s Chairman, Murat Dedeman and the overlooking of Syria Ministry of Tourism. The agreement gives successful students the opportunity to receive education scholarships from Homs University and Damascus Tourism Institutes.

The aim of the program that plans to give scholarships to 24 students is to educate and bring in successful people to the Tourism Sector in Syria. The scholarships will be given to students with the highest point averages after they complete their first year. The student with the highest GPA will receive € 12,000 of scholarship, the second student will receive € 8,000 and the third will receive € 5,000 or scholarship.

Along with the scholarship program, 8 students will have the opportunity to work in one of the 3 hotels of Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International located in Syria for a year. The other students will have the opportunity to do internship at any one of the 19 hotels of Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International to gain more experience. Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International will also take the responsibility of the training of 12 chosen teachers at Dedeman Syria Hotels every year.