Saudi tour operators will be visiting the western Mediterranean provinces of Antalya, Burdur and Isparta for a four-day-long familiarization tour to explore investment opportunities in Turkey on November 28.

Saudis will attend meetings with members of travel agencies and tour operators as well as hotel managers. The tour is organized by the West Mediterranean Development Agency (WMDA), and Turkish Airlines (THY) and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mediterranean Union of Hotel Owners (AKTOB) are among contributors of the organization.

The tour will be concluded on the fourth day during which the Saudi and Turkish sides will be attending bilateral business meetings organized by the WMDA. It is expected that other tour operators in the Gulf region will be attending similar programs in the spring of 2012.

Doha-based Retaj Marketing & Project Management is going to build multiple hotels to attract conservative Muslim vacationers in Turkey with a total investment of at least $500 million.

Mohamed Johar, a board member at the company reported that Particularly since it became the world’s 16th largest economy and 6th largest in Europe has attracted all eyes to Turkey. “Inspired by this development, we have taken the decision to invest in Turkey” he said. Johar added that their decision also included making joint investments in third countries with Turkish businesses.

Johar said they are presently engaged in talks with Turkish construction company Koray İnşaat to carry out the planned projects in Turkey. He added that İstanbul is certainly going to be one of the provinces in their investment and the northwestern province of Bursa may be another location, but they have yet to make a final decision on where else they will build hotels in the country.

Retaj, which also has operations in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt and Kenya, has 20 hotels offering Islamic vacations to its guests in Qatar and elsewhere.