EMITT, the East Mediterranean International Travel and Tourism Exhibition, is welcoming Hungary and the Czech Republic for the first time to the 16th annual edition of the show.

Both countries are looking to increase the number of Turkish outbound tourists, and to raise awareness of their destination. The Republic of South Africa, Malaysia and Russian Federation are also planning to have a stronger presence at EMITT next year.

EMITT is an important event for the global tourism industry, and attracts tourism professionals from all around the world. The exhibition attracts National tourism agencies, tour operators and hotels, and Turkish travel agencies, who wish to showcase their countries and services to the Turkish market.

Malaysia, who recently opened a tourism office in Istanbul after a break of 3 years, will be participating at EMITT. Malaysia Tourism Office Director Bahruddin Sulaiman states, “EMITT offers a great atmosphere to meet with tourism professionals and also tourists. Every year, the exhibition has visitors and participants from all around the world. We would like to promote Malaysia at EMITT and hope this promotion will help to increase the number of incoming tourists to Malaysia.”

The exhibition takes place 9-12 February 2012, in Istanbul, and already 85% of the exhibition space has been sold. In 2012, a higher number of visitors is expected to attend the exhibition, in 2011 52,800 attendees visited the show. The last edition of EMITT, the exhibition grew 11.4% and demonstrates the growth of the outbound/inbound Turkish travel market and the opportunities the market poses.

Hacer Aydın, the director of EKIN, commented “EMITT has been playing an important role to create a 100-billion-dollar tourism market in Turkey. Last year, 28.5 million tourists visited Turkey. We believe Turkey will attain its goal of hosting 30 million tourists this year thanks to EMITT which creates many opportunities for both inbound and outbound tourism.”

At the 16th edition of EMITT, visitors will find many new and innovative products. Market leaders such as Hrs, Booking.com, Expedia, Gullivers and Orbitz have already reserved their places and it is projected that there will be more than 500 agencies at EMITT.

EMITT is organised by EKIN (part of the ITE Group), sponsored by THY-A.O., and in partnership with TUROFED-Turkish Hotels Federation and TYD-Tourism Investors Association.  The show is also officially supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The first two days of the exhibition will be reserved for tourism professionals.  The last two days will be open to the public.

For more information, please see www.emittistanbul.com.