EGYPTAIR welcomed yesterday the newest Boeing 737-800 to its fleet which now consists of 80 modern aircraft . Onboard the maiden flight from Seattle was humanitarian shipment sent by the Egyptian-American Scientists and Engineers Association.

In this occasion, Capt Hossam Kamal, EGYPTAIR HOLDING Chairman & CEO said “the arrival of our 80th aircraft comes concurrent with EGYPTAIR’s 80 anniversary in 2012, the matter which confirms that EGYPTAIR is an important part of the Egyptian modern history, thus, we all care for dedicating all our capabilities for serving the Egyptian society and to participate in the charitable initiatives done by the expatriate Egyptians.”

Kamal added “in spite of the hardships that the company faced during the last period, EGYPTAIR could overcome the furious competition and continued its fleet modernization plan in addition to performing its national role in serving the national economy”

From his side, Capt Ayman Nasr, EGYPTAIR AIRLINES Chairman & CEO, declared that “EGYPTAIR gives due importance to performing social responsibility towards the Egyptian people which comes from the faith that huge economic entities have national duty towards their societies. From this view, EGYPTAIR, for the second time, transported humanitarian aids aboard one of its newest aircraft, which were donated by the USA-based Egyptian-American Scientists and Engineers Association. A part of these donations was delivered on the 79th aircraft received in 11 February, 2012.”

“EGYPTAIR transported this time 5 tons of aids donated by the Egyptians working in Northern West of American and Canada and other multinational companies. The shipment consisted of specialized scientific books sent as courtesy to the Engineering and Medicine faculties in Cairo University in addition to a number of various cloths donated to Resala Charity Association which will receive the shipment for distribution”.

Eng Hatem Ayyad, the president of the Egyptian-American Scientists and Engineers Association thanked EGYPTAIR and the team work that helped in transporting these shipments. Ayyad said “The national company, EGYPTAIR, has always been providing full support to the national efforts.” He added “this project was not to come to light except with the honest support of EGYPTAIR officials, especially, Eng Hussein Massoud who adopted this project while he was chairing EGYPTAIR HOLDING.”

Noteworthy, with the arrival of this aircraft, EGYPTAIR now has 19 Boeing 737-800 which provides 160 seats with many electronic and entertainment facilities for the customers. The Boeing 737-800 is a medium range aircraft operating on the European, Middle Eastern and African routes and this supports these destinations and provides more facilities to the customers flying aboard EGYPTAIR.