Pegasus is the only airline in Turkey to publish its on-time departure performance transparently and boldly on its website on a daily basis, with the latest statistics showing a superb punctuality record.

In September 2012, a record 95% of flights left the tarmac on time as scheduled.

Such a great record on punctuality is in line with Pegasus Airlines’ commitment to a high quality of service combined with excellent value. Indeed the average for Pegasus’ on-time departures during 2011 was 94%, comparing favourably with easyjet’s figure of 79% for that year.

While this September saw a punctuality record of 95%, Pegasus’ on-time performance for August 2012, a month when air traffic is at its peak due to the summer holiday season, was an impressive 93.77%.*

These figures are particularly impressive given the fact that Pegasus continues to expand its flight network at a rapid pace, as well as increasing the frequency of flights on its existing routes.

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* Comparable figures for easyjet, which are reported quarterly, currently unavailable.