Royal Jordanian’s Board of Directors took the decision to suspend operations to five destinations on its route network in order to reduce the operating costs brought up by the soaring fuel prices and to offset the decline in tourism to the region, the outcome of the Arab spring and the political unrest.

RJ President/CEO Hussein Dabbas said the company suspends operations to Brussels, Munich and Alain starting with March and April respectively, and to two other destinations in the Gulf area, to be announced at a later time. The decision was based on the assessment of the performance and economic feasibility of these stations.

Dabbas added that in order to reduce costs, the company has also decided to reduce the number of frequencies to destinations like Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Colombo and Khartoum.

The company will cancel more flights during this year, to be decided by the amount of bookings to certain destinations, and will keep tight control on all aspects of capital expenditure. It stopped employing new personnel in 2012, focusing on increasing staff productivity. These measures, stressed Dabbas, will not affect in any way the level of services provided to passengers.