Australia’s first Islamic museum will open in the Australian capital of Melbourne in 2013.

Moustafa Fahour, the founder of the Australia Islamic Museum, said that they decided to arise the Islamic art via establishing the museum.

Stating that two and half years back, they began erecting the museum, “Foundation of the building was laid in May 2012. Maronites, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus were attended the ground-breaking ceremony. Works have been proceeding,” said Fahour.

Fahour stated that they were planning to bring the museum into service in November of 2013.

Fahour said that Australia was contributing 1.5 million USD while Victoria government donated 500,000 USD.

Fahour said also that the estimated cost would be 10 million USD, with the help of several banks and construction companies they have already met the 9.5 million USD of estimated total cost.
Source: AA