Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has released the Q1 2012 key performance indicators for the emirate’s rapidly expanding hotel industry.

The industry showed a 9% increase in guest numbers, 24% increase in revenues, 22% jump in guest nights and a 12% rise in the average length of stay for the first three months of the year.

The results cap the stellar performance posted by the hotels in Dubai last year with revenues touching an all-time high of AED16 billion and 10% increase in guest numbers, which crossed the nine million mark.

In terms of market performance, Saudi Arabia topped the Top 20 Source Market List with 272,631 guests, thereby consolidating Dubai’s position in the intra-Gulf tourism business landscape. India notched up second position with 207,774 guests followed by the UK and the US with 174,922 and 129,978 guests, respectively. Russia ranked fifth with 109,219 guests.

The other top performers were Iran (106,352), Germany (99,065), Kuwait (70,399), China (66,926), Oman (65,779), Pakistan (62,234), France (48,347), Egypt (45,696), Qatar (40,804), Australia (36,307), Italy (32,477), Jordan (27,526), Netherlands (26,750), Philippines (26,509) and Lebanon (24,771).