The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority is aggressively showcasing the Sharjah Water Festival 2012 and its numerous attractions and events and activities in public and private schools across the emirate and by way of special shows at Cultural Palace in the run up to the much awaited popular fest that runs from 6 to 21 December.

The Authority has been organizing promotional campaigns of Mouj, the much loved mascot of the festival, for Sharjah schools and distributing the special children’s magazine, Mouj, inviting students of all age groups to be part of the SWF fun and games at Al Majaz Park once again.

Meanwhile the Cultural Palace is hosting, from November 20, special entertainment by Mouj and theatre performances celebrating the Water Festival for 24 primary schools in Sharjah. The shows have been attracting immense interest of the student community which eagerly waits for their friend Mouj each year to greet him and take pictures with him.

The SCTDA is looking to define the popular festival in a new light for the young visitors through a range of diverse fun activities and games. It has been making efforts to make the Sharjah Water Festival even more successful this year with a colourful bouquet of international shows. Some of the notable names include the Russian Circus on water–the first of its kind in the region– Sinbad’s Adventures, and puppet shows from Myanmar and Europe and the extremely popular Owmies shows promoting wholesome fun and healthy entertainment for the for the whole family.

The SCTDA’s SWF campaign has been covering major malls and shopping centers, tourist sites and landmarks in the emirate as well. Special stalls and platforms have been set up to distribute leaflets and a schedule and summary of major shows and events of the Sharjah Water Festival 2012 and the UIM F1H2O Powerboat World Powerboat Championship–Sharjah Grand Prix–on December 6 and 7 in Khalid Lagoon.

The SWF is being held for the sixth consecutive year bringing a mind-blowing diversity of spectacular fun and games every year. Last year, Al Majaz Park, the main venue of the festival, attracted more than 180,000 visitors from across the country and the region.