Sharjah is receiving immense response from German and international visitors to the International Tourism Bourse being held in the German capital Berlin , with Emirati heritage, cuisine, lifestyle and culture coming under the spotlight.

The international travel and tourism event that opened Wednesday (March 7) and attracts the best and the brightest in the business from around the world once again saw extraordinary attention focused on Sharjah’s distinctly looking stand, showcasing the celebrated tourist attractions, art and cultural activities and infrastructure of the emirate.

HE Mohamed A. Al Noman, Chairman of the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority said that the SCTDA’s participation in the ITB over the past 15 years has greatly helped in attracting thousands of tourists from around the world, especially from Europe which contributed to 45 per cent of more than 1.5 million tourists who visited Sharjah last year.

He said that the Sharjah stand at ITB this year celebrates the heritage and culture of the UAE and Sharjah that is the strength of our society.  “Sharjah is keen to highlight this USP in all our international events and exhibitions,” added Al Noman.

As part of this strategy, the Heritage Village at Sharjah’s stand is offering the visitors an up close and personal experience of the Emirati culture, arts, lifestyle and cuisine.  Some of the activities featured at the Heritage Village include traditional henna painting, ebru–the Islamic art of floating dyes or drawing on water, traditional Emirati cuisine and folklore.

Besides, the visitors are also being provided with literature and information about Sharjah’s tourist attractions, history and latest developments through its various publications, in both English and German.

Al Noman said: “The SCTDA is constantly exploring ways and means to boost the tourism industry in the emirate. We have been studying the latest trends in international trade and tourism to help us in our efforts to stay ahead and exploit the immense potential of our beautiful emirate.”

The SCTDA Chairman pointed out that Sharjah has over the past few years witnessed extraordinary growth in its infrastructure, which is vital to attracting international tourists and right investment in tourism sector.