Intra Tours promoted Italy’s Firuli Venezia Giulia region in Istanbul with an organization on October 4, 2012 at Grand Hyatt Istanbul.

Intra Tours CEO Ertugrul Karaoglu, Intra Tours Management Coordinator Pınar Özbilge, Intra Tours Aviation Manager Yeliz Çimen attended the organization of Comitel Partners held with the support of Italian Chamber of Commerce President Fatih Ayçin.


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A presentation at the event promoted and gave information about the region’s history, summer & winter tourism, and food & wine tours. Later, guests enjoyed delicious cheese and meats, and tested region’s famous wines. Firuli Venezia Giulia is a place where the Alps and the Adriatic symbolize the two extremes of a multi-faceted and changing landscape, Italian, Slavic and Germanic cultures meet in a sort of melting pot of traditions, languages and religions.

Nearly 8,000 square km of unspoilt mountains, gentle hills and deep blue sea form the contours of a nerve center of European geography at the crossroad of people and history, a land that rewards the visitor with its richness and that never fails to surprise, no matter what the point of view is, tourism professionals representing the region; Doriana Parisi, Alessandra Rozzi and Sonia Fornalo invite Turkish travelers to discover the Firuli Venezia Giulia.

Moreover, as the surprise of the night, NBA stars of Boston Celtic’s team; Robert Horry and Sam Perkins attended the event. At a lucky draw that took place at the event, many participants won tickets to the Fenerbahçe Ülker vs. Boston Celtics basketball match that took place on 5 October at Ülker Sports Arena.