Designed to provide associations with easy-to-use, comprehensive marketing tools for congresses and events in Istanbul, the Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau’s new Istanbul Delegate Boosting Kit contains everything from magazine advertisements to postcards to high-resolution photos to editorial content.

Available free-of-charge from the Bureau, the Delegate Boosting Kit is just one more way Istanbul adds value to your international congress or meeting.

In response to increasing demand from associations hosting international events in Istanbul, which in 2010 ranked as the seventh most popular congress destination worldwide, ICVB has launched the Istanbul Destination Marketing Kit (Istanbul Delegate Boosting Kit). This kit contains all the materials convention and congress planners need to effectively promote their next event in Istanbul, as well as its venues and attractions.

Elif Balcı Fisunoğlu, General Manager of ICVB, described the toolkit as an effective marketing tool to capture the interest and imagination of delegates, encouraging them to attend their association’s congress in Istanbul, saying: “We listened to what local and international associations and our meeting planner partners were saying, and we put together what we believe is an exciting collection of tools to make them more effective in marketing their events. Throughout, we kept the focus on simplicity, taking a ‘Your Logo Here’ approach to keep it easy and help our partners do their jobs better, faster and more easily.”

The material in the Istanbul Delegate Boosting Kit DVD includes extensive editorial and marketing content that was developed based on the experience ICVB has gained since its founding in 1997 as a non-profit destination marketing organization and input from associations hosting international events in Istanbul.

The toolkit includes:

–           A guide to using the kit

–           Ready-to-use marketing materials like ads, posters, postcards

–           Online promotional tools including banners and e-mail headers

–           High-resolution photos and full-length articles on Istanbul, as well as on topics such as attractions, cuisine, shopping and more

–           Three promotional videos showing potential delegates just how visually striking the city of Istanbul is, including a documentary that explores 24-hours in the life of the city

–           Information about travel incentives through Turkish Airlines’ Meeting Industry & Turkish Conventions program

Meeting Planners can receive a copy of the Istanbul Destination Marketing Kit (Istanbul Delegate Boosting Kit) by contacting the Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau (