The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority has unveiled its first high profile participation in International Tourism Trade Fair, taking place from 18-22 January in the Spanish capital Madrid.

FITUR Madrid is considered one of the most high profile and high-end exhibitions and events of the international tourism and travel industry.

The SCTDA is heading a high profile delegation of Sharjah government departments and entities, including the Sharjah Media Center, and representatives of hospitality and tourism industry that includes Coral Beach Resort and Sharjah Grand Hotel. The Madrid expo will see an attractive Sharjah stand with a unique design celebrating the cultural heritage of the emirate and the UAE with live presentations.

The participation in the Madrid exhibition is part of the Authority’s 2012 plan to step up its presence in prominent international exhibitions to promote Sharjah’s tourist attractions, modern infrastructure and hotels, and cultural venues and museums. The emirate has always enjoyed a special place in European markets. The European tourists formed 49 per cent of the total tourists that visited the emirate last year till the third quarter when the number touched 535,342 tourists.

The SCTDA described the participation in the Madrid expo as a “strategic new step” into the crucial Spanish tourism market, which is considered one of the largest exporters of tourists.