Cairo-Airbus-seminarAirbus, the leading aircraft manufacturer chose Cairo-EGYPT to host the first Field Service Mangers Regional Seminar on 26th -27th of November2013. Among the attendees were Airbus field service managers & technical Assistants covering the region of Near East and Africa (Lagos, Algeria, Iraq, Libya,, Lebanon, Namibia, Jordan, South Africa, Tunisia and Mauritius).

The seminar was headed by Mr. Hubert Rouyer, Airbus Field Service Director – Near East & Africa, where he is located in Cairo. The seminar comes to confirm the new strategy implemented by Airbus to improve the communication and deepen cooperation between field representatives around the world in order to provide the best technical service to their customers as well as providing training for field representatives through workshops & open discussions.

HE the Minister of Civil Aviation, Eng. Abel Aziz Fadel, said that he is glad that Airbus has selected Cairo to hold the first Field Service Regional Seminar and expressed his deep thanks to Mr. Hubert Rouyer. “Selecting Cairo as a venue for the 1st Regional Seminar of Airbus reflects Airbus’s trust in the Egyptian Civil Aviation Sector; it also reflects the role of Egypt in developing the industry. It is a significant message to organize the event in such time, it shows that stability is back in Egypt gradually, and portrays a correct image of the events here” added Fadel.

EGYPTAIR was present in the seminar and Eng. Hisham Nasser, Accountable Manager of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINNEERING showed a presentation  demonstrating the history of EGYPTAIR in terms of Maintenance & technical services and how they developed over the past 81 years and how much the  support provided by aircraft manufacturers contribute to the development and improvement in  the aviation field. Eng. Nasser’s showed documentary about the advanced technical capabilities of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINNEERING, These Capabilities helped in enhancing the company’s role in MRO world in the region and on international level as well, through highly sophisticated hangars,

workshops, labs and professional staff in addition to the approvals & certificates obtained from National & International authorities.  Such approvals helped much in attracting more customers to sign maintenance contracts with the company in a short period of time. Eng. Nasser reviewed EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINNEERING’s future plans & strategies seeking the addition of more aircraft types to its capability list and building new hangars and workshops to widen the scope of technical capabilities for its domestic and international stations.

Mr. Hubert Rouyer referred to the pivotal role of EGYPTAIR as well as its strong relationships with Airbus. “EGYPTAIR is one of our oldest customers and the relationship with Airbus has been always very strong. The success of EGYPTAIR is also ours. We believe in the great future of EGYPTAIR and follow their efforts to always serve better their customers with a great interest, they can count on Airbus as we are counting on them” added Mr. Hubert.

Participants expressed their deep admiration of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINNEERING’s capabilities as well as their happiness to visit Egypt.