An EGYPTAIR official declared that EGYPTAIR is working hard on serving all the delayed flights’ passengers due to the strike of the loading staff at Cairo’s Airport TB3. The official confirmed that Egypt’s flag carrier has operated 52 international and domestic flights until now; of which 30 flights were scheduled for yesterday and 22 flights as scheduled for today. Moreover, a number of flights were merged through enlarging a number of aircraft types in order to serve the customers.

The official added that EGYPTAIR operated its flights to (Jeddah – Hurghada (2 flights) – Luxor – Entebbe – Aswan – Dubai – Sharm El- Sheikh – Medina – Addis Ababa – Bahrain – Abu Dhabi – Bombay – Dammam – Sana’a – Beirut – Amman – Alexandria – Doha – Asmara – Guangzhou – Osaka – Kuwait – Riyadh – Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur – Jeddah – Khartoum – Dar Es Salam – Johannesburg).

Furthermore, a number of today’s flights departed with slight delays as follows (3 flights to Sharm El- Sheikh – 3 flights to Hurghada – 2 flights to Aswan – 2 flights to Luxor – Asuit – Jeddah – Tripoli – Lagos – New York – London – Juba – Abuja – Riyadh – Amman – Ben Ghazi – Abha).

It is also confirmed that a large portion of baggage were received by the customers after the arrival of their flights and that all EGYPTAIR employees are working hard on delivering the rest of the baggage.

Noteworthy that EGYPTAIR Operation Center is following up the situation around the clock. Moreover, EGYPTAIR urges its customers to check the status of their flights through or through contacting EGYPTAIR call center via 1717 from any mobile or 090070000 from any land line in Egypt.