egyptair-a330-300The Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation, Wael el-Maadawy, is to honor EGYPTAIR B737-800 crew on Flight number MS791/792 to Rome for their exceptional stance during the strike of the ground handling staff at Leonardo Da Vinci Airport. The Rome station staff and flight crew have unloaded the baggage and cargo after landing then they started loading it all to the aircraft for the return flight to Cairo.

The minister praised EGYPAIR Crew for their quick handling of the situation, saying: “Distinguished performance of EGYPTAIR staff has exceeded all the expectations of our passengers during strike”.

On his part, EGYPTAIR Chairman Tawfik Assey said: “EGYPTAIR Rome station staff and flight crew represent a role model, their high sense of responsibility; astounding attitude, their keenness on the passengers’ interest and taking into consideration their company’s status deserve appreciation from all of us.”

On the other hand; Boeing, acclaimed EGYPTAIR crew on its official facebook page for their outstanding and unprecedented performance at Fiumicino Airport (FCO) in Rome.

After landing in Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO), EGYPTAIR B737-800 Flight MS791/792 Crew faced a challenging situation on June 20, as the airport ground handling staff was in strike, the matter which consequently caused delay in the scheduled flights.

Thus, in order to resume the flight back to Cairo on time, the Rome station staff and flight crew decided to unload/load the passengers’ luggage by themselves, which took three hours from them and they could fly back to Cairo International Airport.