Abdel Aziz Fadel,  Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt conducted a tour on Sunday the 25th of August 013 at the Meteorology Authority- a subsidiary company of the Ministry- to follow up on existing and ongoing projects to confirm easy flow of work, and to identify the time plan for the completion of these projects.

During the visit, Fadel was also keen to check over the Equipment Calibration Regional Center and the Training Regional Center, which is approved by the World Meteorological Organization; and equipped with a hall for lectures and training to Egyptians and foreign envoys from Africa and the Middle East. In addition to the new auditaruium for international conferences which can accommodate up to 150 people, equipped with 8 booths for simultaneous translation for several languages, and a large screen. This auditarium  is designed with the same technology methods used by the World Meteorological Organization.
Fadel also inspected the new garage at the headquarter of the Meteorology Authority and the main Computer Center, which is one of the three approved centers in Africa, its main responsibility is to collect data and send it internationally to two stations located in Russia and Vienna, it is considered as the latest communication syatem worldwide.

The Minister also visited the main Center for Analysis and Forecasts, which consists of two halls for weather analysis, responsible for issuing the weather forecast bulletin and weather forecasting for four days, using remote sensing techniques.