royal-jordanianA320Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts selected Royal Jordanian as a major partner and the official carrier of its 28th edition, which started on June 26 and will continue through July 7.

In line with its national role, which sees it lend support to culture and arts, Royal Jordanian has been sponsoring this theme-oriented event since it was first launched in 1981.

Coinciding with the airline’s 50th anniversary, this RJ sponsorship is part of other contribution to various national activities, be they cultural, educational or economic.

Royal Jordanian is organizing a raffle on its Facebook page, whereby the winners will get entry tickets allotted to RJ to the festival activities and concerts.

The airline will also issue invitations to these activities to a number of its frequent flyers, potential customers and RJ staff members.

This year’s event features around 150 local folk troupes, 40 Arab poets and 10 plays selected by the Jordanian Artists Association (JAA), in addition to concerts of famous Jordanian and other Arab singers.

Several cultural activities at the festival will be organised in cooperation with the JAA and the Jordanian Writers Association. Some events will be held at the Royal Cultural Centre in Amman.

The Jerash Festival will also feature a handicraft market showcasing over 140 traditional and artistic crafts.

Jerash Festival is one of the most significant cultural events in the Arab World. It is a major venue that helps disseminate different cultures and that embraces Jordanian and Arab singers and performers. It holds a special place in the Arabs’ hearts and minds.