Lutfhansa Airlines and the TCF Culinary Arts Center – YESAM partnered in a new initiative to serve the finest examples of Turkish Cuisine to Business Class travelers on Lufthansa flights departing from Turkey.

According to Lufthansa’s Vice President for Sales and Services for Southeast Europe, Africa and Middle East Carsten Schaeffer, this will be the first time that Lufthansa will be offering a regional cuisine on its medium range flights.

YESAM’s Director Vedat Basaran worked for three months with Lufthansa and LSG Sky Chefs to put together a series of unique menus that best reflect Turkish cuisine. According to Vedat Basaran, the menus will reflect Turkish cuisine’s rich heritage and its famous variety of ingredients. “Turkish cuisine’s inherit richness stems from the vast variety of ingredients grown on Asian and Anatolian soil, the interaction of many civilizations on these lands over the ages, new found flavors of Seljuk and Ottoman Palace cuisines, and the command over the Spice Road. It is our pleasure to carry this tradition and colorful kitchen culture into the skies together with a powerful global brand like Lutfhansa.” Mr. Basaran added that YESAM looks forward to support and participate in other projects that introduce Turkish cuisine on a similar scale.

Lutfhansa’s General Manager for Turkey, Bea Berke, stated that every country has its unique cuisine. “However only some, like Turkish Cuisine, managed to exist on three different continents and created a rich culinary culture. With this project we want to make our Turkish travelers feel at home and offer our international travelers one more Turkish experience as they leave the country.”