Zhejiang Loong Airlines, an airline based in Hongzhou, capital city of ZhejiangProvince in Eastern China, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for 20 Airbus A320 Family aircraft, including 11 A320ceo and nine A320neo. The airline has recently been approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for passenger flight operation.

The MoU was signed by Liu Yi, President of Zhejiang Loong Airlines and Fabrice Bregier, Airbus President and CEO, at the 15th Aviation Expo China 2013 in Beijing.

“The Airbus A320 Family aircraft is ideal for start up airlines with clear advantages in operational reliability, economics, cabin space and its commonality between different types of Airbus aircraft, which will help operators to reduce cost on training and maintenance,” said Liu Qihong, Chairman of Zhejiang Loong Airlines. “I believe the Airbus A320 aircraft will help us to achieve the goal of building intensive domestic and international networks around Hangzhou”.

“The commitment from Zhejiang Loong Airlines is another vote of confidence for our popular A320 Family, both the current and the new engine option,” said Fabrice Bregier, Airbus President and CEO. “Based in Eastern China, where the economy is growing fast and strong, Zhejiang Loong Airlines will have with their efficient A320 Family aircraft an excellent basis for a prosperous future and surely will contribute to boost the economic development of this area further.”

Zhejiang Loong plans to start business in 2013. It’s passenger operation will start with domestic routes from Hangzhou to first tier airports like Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Xi’an. The airline has the ambition to start regional and international routes in three to five years.

The A320neo is offered as an option for the A320 Family and incorporates new more efficient engines and large “Sharklet” wing tip devices, which together will deliver up to 15 percent in fuel savings. At the end of August 2013, firm orders for the NEO stood at 2,348 from 42 customers, making it the fastest selling commercial airliner ever and underlining its market leadership position.

The A320 Family is the world’s best-selling and most modern single aisle aircraft Family. To date, more than to 9,800 A320 Family aircraft have been ordered and over 5,700 delivered to nearly 390 customers and operators worldwide.