past-futureIstanbul Modern, with its new exhibition Past and Future that opened on March 20, highlights the links to the past that establish art museums as sites of memory, and their role in shaping the future through their commitment to collecting and preserving works of art.

Opened to visitors after the reorganization of the museum’s permanent collection into a new exhibition model, Past and Future adopts a chronological format to address the transformations of modern and contemporary art in Turkey from its beginnings to the present day.

After the exhibitions Observation, Interpretation, Multiplicity, Intersecting Times, Modern Experiences, and New Works, New Horizons, the museum is now hosting its most comprehensive show to date with Past and Future.

Featuring 180 works by 136 artists from the museum’s varied collection, the exhibition explores the exchanges across time that are inherent in art.

As well as hosting 91 works that have never been exhibited before, Past and Future features 22 artists whose works have recently been added to the collection for the first time. Through works spanning painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, installation, and video, the exhibition presents the story of Turkish modern and contemporary art by presenting its most prominent artists and work alongside international artists.

The exhibition brings together notable examples of painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, installation, and video ranging from the initial phases of modern art to contemporary practices, and allows the viewer to follow the history of art in Turkey from a new perspective.

Past and Futuredraws from the Dr. F. Nejat Eczacıbaşı Foundation Collection and private collections as well as that ofIstanbul Modern. The exhibition also features donations accepted by the consent of the museum’s Advisory Board.