petra-travel-institutePetra Arab Human Resources Development & Tourism Sciences Co ,PLL announced the establishment of its first specialized institute (Petra Travel & Tourism Institute) For Educating & Training Students, New entrant to the industry , and Individuals interested in a career change, in addition to current employees working in the industry with interest to developing and enhancing their career through obtaining certification and accreditation by Internationally recognized Organizations in various fields in travel, tourism and hospitality which is considered as a portable license to work anywhere in the world.

Mr. Ayman Samawi, General Manager of the Institute, emphasized that the establishment of this institute came after many years of studies and research, and can fill the gap in skilled and well trained workforce, locally & regionally, and has been accredited by various international institutions such as IATA as Approved Training Centre, Amadeus Certification as Education & Training provider in addition to many other international Organizations and awarding bodies.

Graduate students will obtain a diploma from IATA and Amadeus System User Certification which is considered to be the largest Global Distribution Systems (GDS) worldwide for Travel Agencies, Airlines, and Airports, bearing in mind that the institute has been licensed by Jordanian Ministry of Education.

The institute will start to receive students and trainees during the coming mid April of this year… Samawi added, “Qualified Educators with wide experience have been contracted from Jordan and abroad to educate and train students and trainees”.

The institute has been designed according to international standards to ensure proper educational environment taking into consideration the new modern standards of education, and is set for those students and trainees using state-of-the-art technologies and to ensure that excellent safety regulations are applied at the facilities.

Students will undergo three months of intense academic and practical training coupled with skills in Communication, English language, information technology (IT) and Customer Services, all courses set in syllabus deliverables that will ensure highly qualified graduates and ready for the job in Jordan and the region.

Institute Chairman; Mr. Wael Nasser Kawar, reiterated his excitement on this distinguished enterprise that has been accredited by international organizations which will contribute in creating job opportunities for Jordanians, locally and regionally. More courses will be added in the near future in various sectors of travel, tourism and hospitality.

“The tourism sector contributes a 13 % to the Gross Domestic Product in Jordan and creates thousands of jobs in Jordan”. Kawar further added, “the Jordanian market suffers from shortages in such specializations and needs 5,000 jobs per year in the tourism sector that does not necessarily need Bachelor degrees, whereas skilled to the job outcome Diplomas can be sufficient”. The institute will open its doors during these challenging times and when Jordanian youth are suffering from high unemployment and universities high fees and difficulties in securing placements at Universities “I hope this institute will be an added value to the educational & professional sector and will be the nucleus of other institutes in Jordan”.